Peace, Love, Naya

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I’ll Be Watching You - PezBerry (Lea Michele/Rachel Berry & Naya Rivera/Santana Lopez)

"Well… At Least We Know Who The Rainbow Is And Whose The Dog!"

Valerie - Brittana (Santana Lopez/Naya Rivera & BrittanySPierce/Heather Morris)

"See, This Is Who You Are. This Is What Happens When You Don’t Think About It…"

Toxic - The Unholy Trinity

"Well, What Do You Say, You And I Reunite A Little Threesome, Called The Unholy Trinity…"

"If You Want Me, I’m Here…"

Brittana Feels!!

"When I’m With Brittany, I Finally Understand What People Are Talking About, When They Talk About Love."

How Will I Know - Naya Rivera/Santana Lopez, Lea Michele/Rachel Berry, Chris Colfer/Kurt Hummel, Amber Riley/Mercedes Jones

"You’ve Got A Crush On My Girl Brittany, I Understand. She’s Beautiful, She’s Innocent, She’s Everything That’s Good In This Miserable Stinking World, Do You Agree? Nod…. Good."

So Emotional - Naya Rivera/Santana Lopez & Lea Michele/Rachel Berry

"I Dunno Why I Like It, Ha, I Just Do…"

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson

"You Were My First, That Means Something To Be. You Mean Something To Me. If Something Ever Were To Happen To You And I Didn’t Do Everything I Could To Try And Stop It, I’d Never Be Able To Live With Myself…"

"I’m Taking A Much Needed Break, Okay? It Is Exhausting Playing A Slutty Elf…"